WCPSS' AIG Identification Process

4th & 5th Grade AIG Nomination Process

  1. Any parent/guardian or teacher may nominate their student for consideration for AIG testing. Please consult with your student's classroom teacher first. Then send Laurel Park Elementary's AIG team, Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Runion a nomination letter. All student nominations must be nominated in writing. Nominations can be a handwritten note to their classroom teacher or an email to the AIG Team. All nominations must be received by 4:15 on the last day of the nomination window. A deadline for nominations is established to allow time for the AIG Team to interview each AIG candidate's current and previous teachers, gather formal and informal data about each nominee and to schedule a meeting with the Laurel Park Elementary School Based Committee for Gifted Education.

  1. After the nomination has been accepted, the AIG team will send home AIG Evaluation/Testing permission forms and Parent Observation Checklists. Teacher Student Observation Checklists will be sent to the nominee's current teacher to complete. The AIG Team will collect informal data (Parent Observation Checklist, Teacher Observation Checklist and interviews) and formal data (CogAt/IOWA scores, any additional achievement/aptitude testing, EOG scores, report cards, mClass data and unit assessment grades) before the AIG nominee's name will be added to the monthly schedule of the School Based Committee for Gifted Education (SBCGE) monthly meeting.

  1. During the monthly School Based Committee for Gifted Education meeting, the AIG chair will introduce each AIG candidate's informal and formal data and the SBCGE will make the decision about whether testing is appropriate is appropriate or not for each candidate. Final decisions will be sent home to parent/guardian along with reasoning for each decision.

  1. After the SBCGE meeting, all candidates that are being considered for AIG will be required to take the Cognitive Abilities Test and IOWA Achievement subject test. The AIG team will order the appropriate AIG tests to administer to all AIG candidates and a testing schedule will be established. All AIG testing will be administered by a licensed AIG teacher.

  1. Results from these tests take about one month to receive. Upon receiving student scores, students that received a score of 95 or above on both an achievement and aptitude tests will be invited to the AIG program. Students that scored at least one 95 or above on either test will be asked to take an additional aptitude or achievement tests in an one on one setting with an AIG teacher.

  1. After all testing has been concluded, all test results will be reviewed by the SBCGE committee and final test scores and Individualized Evaluation Plans will be sent home to parent/guardians. Parent/guardians will be asked to sign an AIG evaluation results form and are invited to have a parent/guardian/AIG teacher conference if needed to discuss the results. AIG candidates that have met AIG criteria will be placed into AIG immediately.

*Please note that students can only be tested once during a full calendar year.

*There will be no nominations accepted after the last day of the nomination window.