All About AIG

Laurel Park Elementary's Nurturing, Explorers & AIG Services

All LPES general education classroom teachers provide in-class differentiation for all of their students. This differentiation is designed to meet the needs of each individual learner. When it comes to our highly advanced students who may need more enrichment support, they will receive the following AIG/Enrichment pull out programs:

Nurturing - LPES offers weekly nurturing and enrichment services for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students that demonstrate a need for more advanced learning. These services are offered for both English Language Arts and Mathematics. These students are placed into the Nurturing program if selected by their current grade level professional learning team. These groups of students change many times throughout the year depending on each student's individual needs.

Explorers - The Wake County AIG Program supports another unique nurturing component for 3rd Grade called Explorers. The AIG teachers work in partnership with third grade teachers to plan a variety of experiences designed to elicit higher academic performance. During the first quarter, the AIG teachers, weekly push into each 3rd grade classroom to work with all students to elicit higher learning potential. During these experiences, the AIG and the classroom teachers collaborate on students' higher learning activities to identify students that demonstrate higher level critical thinking. AIG teachers and 3rd grade teachers will assess student performances, CogAt and IOWA testing to determine students that demonstrate advanced learning. During the 2nd Quarter, students who demonstrate high performance in English Language Arts and Mathematics will be pulled out in small group enrichment activities with the AIG teacher. Some students may participate in one or more small group experiences, while other students may not demonstrate a need for this enrichment.

All 3rd grade students will be asked to take the Cognitive Abilities Test in the fall. Students who score an 85% or higher test will be asked to take the IOWA Achievement Test later in the fall. Both of these tests are used to determine AIG Identification eligibility. Any 3rd grade student that is AIG identified will begin receiving pull out AIG services in their identified area of English Language Arts and/or Mathematics during the latter half of the second semester.

3rd and 4th Grade CogAt and IOWA Testing Dates

AIG Services - AIG pulled out services requires AIG identification. Direct instruction from the AIG teacher is provided for students who have been identified as gifted in English Language Arts and/or Mathematics. These meetings occur 1-2 times a week for 45-90 minutes. AIG direct services are based on enriched common core grade level standards. AIG services are only available for latter half of second semester for 3rd graders and all year for 4th and 5th grade students.

Some students may need more time to develop their academic giftedness and may not have been AIG identified yet. These students are still eligible for AIG testing, if they demonstrate level 4 and higher academic performance than their same aged peers. These students can be nominated by their parents or their classroom teacher. The 4th & 5th grade AIG Nomination Window is always open. We are currently taking teacher and/or parent nominations. If interested, please talk to your student's classroom teacher and then email Mrs. Stone at

All AIG nominations need to be completed in written or email form to Mrs. Stone. Fall AIG nomination and testing dates for AIG Nomination deadlines are set to allow us to schedule a School Based Committee for Gifted Education (SBCGE) meeting. At this meeting all nominations are discussed and the decision about whether testing is appropriate is made by the committee for each nominee. After the meeting, all testing materials are ordered and prepared individually for each student that will be tested. A testing schedule is then set up and parents are notified. All testing is administered by the AIG teachers.

5th Grade AIG Nomination and Testing Windows

Single Subject and Whole Grade Acceleration

Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) SSA is offered to all students who qualify. Students who qualify will be able to skip a grade in either Math or ELA. Instruction will be provided by the next grade level teacher or via an online module program. Students in 5th grade who are completing the online module will work independently and will not receive direct instruction from the AIG teacher. Any student can be nominated and tested during the assigned windows. Testing only occurs once a year. The SSA Nomination window is usually in March and April and SSA Testing is in April and May. SSA is not an AIG service. It is provided by the county and is separate from AIG. Please go to the Acceleration tab at the top of this page for the most complete information regarding SSA.

Whole Grade Advancement (WGA) WGA students are consistently performing 2-3 grade levels above his or her current grade level in literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and mathematics. Performance at this higher level is demonstrated both in rote skills (reading words, fluency and math calculation) and most importantly, in academic application (reading comprehension, retelling, written language, math application and problem solving). There is a process to follow and required portfolio components that must be met in order to participate in WGA.